Santas Playground


This is a local courtyard in a town nearby and the building on the left is an old train station that currently houses Santa for visiting children. I tried something new for this shot because I wanted to include the old painted wall of the long closed hardware store,and what I did was brought a twenty-foot extension ladder,which I leaned against a tall building. I then mounted my Bogen superclamp to the ladder and put my camera on it for an elevated perspective. I crossed my fingers that no batteries would die because I knew there was no going back up the ladder because that would move the camera and cause registration issues. I lit the hardware wall with my flash on a painters pole and it just cleared the top of the red brick wall behind Santa.I asked Santa himself to come out and pose for a frame between visitors and he gladly obliged. A rainy evening helped with reflections to round out the shot.

12 responses to “Santas Playground

  1. Hi Don! Would love to get a printed copy of this photo for inside our store! We own the Sprecher building and love this shot!! Great job!

  2. Another beautiful picture! I can’t believe how you turn the ordinary into extraordinary! I am amazed at the details your photography brings out. Santa does not even look real (but I know he is!) 😉 Love the yellow lighting and the dark blue sky. Stunning!

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