Get Your Mail


This lovely home is a retirement home for seniors and it is decorated exquisitely both inside and out, and the addition of the color changing lights that wash the exterior in a blanket of hues drew me to capture it. The santa was actually inside and I asked the owner if I could bring it out to add to the shot, which he gladly agreed to. While there was an old ugly mailbox there,I decided to drop another cool mailbox in that I had just shot the same week. Those that are familiar with my escapades know I do some crazy things to get my images, and for this one it involved dumping a case of bottled water on the road to get some reflection. It had rained earlier but the road was rapidly drying so anyone driving by must have thought I was nuts as they saw me with my water bottles soaking the street. I light painted the area were the wreath was to showcase the detail that was hidden in the darkness. This is located right at a red light and the white line on the road is where cars are supposed to stop but almost everyone pulls ten feet forward,putting the car in my shot till the light turns green.

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