Village Quilts


The quaint little town of Intercourse,Pa is considered by many as ground zero for tourists visiting Lancaster county and wishing to get a glimpse of the local Amish community. I personally consider the area around Intercourse to be among my favorite local destinations when I want to photograph local scenes. This quilt shop is located right in the heart of town and has been on my mind to shoot for a little while. I was actually out chasing storms and having no luck with the skies, so as I headed through town here,I decided to swing in and see what it looked like. Almost instantly I noticed the slate sidewalk was all wet from the storm and was reflecting lovely color from the lights. The icing on the cake was the multiple windows with illumination inside and the warm feeling they provided. I think they must use the upstairs as a B&B because all the shops were closed and there was a lot of activity in the rooms.

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