It’s Not All Black and White


I found a new favorite composition while out in Amish country and hope this is just the start of great shots to come. I really liked the way the barns on each side of the road framed the barn in the distance plus the winding road going through the shot. I set my tripod up and used my wifi Camranger and tablet to shoot remotely from my truck to get this. I particularly like the contrast between the colorful trio of Amish on the right and the conservative tones worn by those on the left. The girl on the left buggy is turned away from the other buggy,almost like she disapproves but that is merely conjecture and probably totally wrong on my part,and she might have seen my camera and decided to look away.

6 responses to “It’s Not All Black and White

  1. That is a great picture! I also like how the buggies are passing eachother and it looks like they are saying hello.

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