Patience Rewarded


This is my first return trip to the spot I felt had potential and I am certainly glad I went. The evening started out with stormy weather and I had high hopes of getting lightning here,but instead I just set my camera on the tripod at the side of the road and it basically sat there for well over an hour with a constant rain pelting my gear. I covered the camera with a trash bag and left the lens hood sticking out so I could still use my remote if anything developed. At least twice I said to myself,go home already and quit wasting time because it was nothing but gray sky and rain. I was getting fed up when I noticed a hint of blue sky to my left and I hoped things might get better.

Shortly before I shot this,a rainbow appeared behind me,and I almost shot it but unless a rainbow has a foreground element or is absolutely stunning I usually pass and that was the case this night.This composition is not my first choice but there was an ugly old ford truck parked to my left and I was not sure I could clone it out,so I moved forward to this spot,which by the way is right in the lane of travel. While this is a rural road and there were cars going by every 30 seconds, when the sunset happened, there was a good 4 minutes when not a single car came. There is plenty of line of sight to safely get off the road if needed and I don’t make a habit of this but the color reflecting on the wet road was very specific to the spot you viewed from and when I went off the road,the color was minimal at best. Patience is not one of my strongest attributes but when I know there is potential,I can be persistent and many times I have been richly rewarded.