Wimpy and Dees


This is a shot I took yesterday but it’s not exactly what I would like to get at this old-fashioned diner. I heard they had really good food, so the family loaded up to head there and I took my camera just in case. Well exactly a half mile from the place I get one of my wonderful migraines, so my crew went in without me while I let my medicine kick in outside. It was raining lightly and my vision returned to normal so I decided to shoot a quick shot. I took this shot and then took all my gear back to the truck and went in to eat. We were inside a good twenty-five minutes and when we came out, I noticed I left my rear tailgate window wide open with all my gear sitting in there. My heart just dropped and I quickly looked inside and everything was still there. The thing with migraines is they can have a variety of effects on you and sometimes I feel like I am not in a normal state of mind and this was the case in leaving the tailgate open. Thank goodness there was no shady characters here that night. Well the food was delicious and I plan to return often and hopefully the owner will have his old police car parked here so I can give it a serious attempt next time.