2 responses to “Amish ABC

  1. Hi Donald. I’ve followed your blog for a while now and it’s finally time I tell you how much I’ve appreciated it. My family is from the Lancaster area but I’ve been living abroad for some time. Your gorgeous photos always capture the beauty of the area and have helped me not be so homesick. I was lucky enough to spend last week in Mt. Gretna and around Lebanon, and every time I saw a particularly colorfully decorated house or picturesque valley I thought of your photos. Especially in Lititz– a town I hadn’t paid much attention to previously but fell in love with via some of your photos from a few years ago. This time I made it a point to go walk around on two separate afternoons, and it was just lovely. So from a stranger– but also kind of a local– thank you so much for that introduction, and for all your photos you’ve shared over the years. =)

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