Side by Side


Never understood why there are two one room schools side by side here,but it makes a nice image and the fall tree adds a touch of color to round out the shot.

4 responses to “Side by Side

  1. I like Lefever’s comment ! My guess, the one in back was outgrown? Looks like it had a porch at one time, which was enclosed for more room? Looks like they both have a basement- so they selected a committee to study projected growth in the area and went thru all the hoops to build a new one! ( would luv to know where in the world this is, but understand privacy issues)

    • Larry always has an interesting angle on things. if you want to see them, go to frysville rd near hinkletown and follow it till it gets to sensenig rd.take a left on sensenig and they will be on your left. it is kind of near terre hill.

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