Keep Your Eyes Open


I went to an event last friday evening thinking I was going to get to photograph the most stunning Russian sleigh I have ever seen, but it turned out they put it inside to protect it,which makes sense,so a shot was not possible. Anyway,I left there kind of dejected about it and on the way home I passed this little scene and decided to do a shot here. Well I knocked and asked if they minded and they were fine with it,so I asked them to turn on some interior lights and they obliged. After getting so far with  it,I wished the church lights were on,and so I knocked again and it turns out it was the youth pastor living here and he offered to make my wish come true. The only thing he could not do was get the large stained glass window lit,so in frustration I shined my bright flashlight on it and amazingly got it to show its color. I would not have guessed it would work but thank goodness I tried.

8 responses to “Keep Your Eyes Open

    • thanks, your husband joked about using a flashlight on the dark stained glass. I decided why not try and it actually allowed me to see the color even though it was not backlit.

  1. Don
    I am sure you were talking about Poole Forge. If you talk to the owner,. When he moves the sleigh for storage you could ask him to take the picture in front of the bridge or one of the buildings. I enjoy your photography and know how much detail you put into your work.
    Jerry Martin

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