After the Rain

It has been a while since I actually felt like shooting something but last night I decided to head out to do a rainy reflection shot. Between constant battles of depression and stress that both suck the creativity out of me, Lately I have been in a real funk and it felt good to get out and shoot something for my own pleasure. I have shot this place before and wanted to do something that included the barn and the illuminated cupolas and the wet road seemed the perfect opportunity to do that. I was hoping for a gorgeous sunset to light up the sky but the stormy clouds work too.

23 responses to “After the Rain

  1. I love to look at your pictures, Mr. Reese. Your beautiful photos in the Shopping News, and formerly in The Ephrata Review, bring pleasure to many.
    Thank you.
    Patricia (Pat) Barconey

  2. Again you did a wonderful job in capturing our house. So glad you are back taking pictures. Your talent is much appreciated. Thanks

  3. Glad to see your beautiful work again! The photo of our home will always be my husbands favorite gift ever.

  4. Brilliant capture of colors! I’ve only been active on this site for the past week, so I’m still learning all the functions. Now I’m damned glad I took the time to search the folks here in Lancaster to follow. I dig your eye for photography. Some of your comments show a humorous slant in your personality. Well done good man. Carry on then, as you were and all that. 🙂

    • thanks Scott, I am starting to think it is something creative people are plagued with. when someone like Thomas Kincade commits suicide, my first thought was shock but then I think how i feel sometimes when my creativity or my perception of my creativity is off and how depressed I get, i understand how he ended up where he did.

  5. Hi Donald I came across this picture of our house with our barn included. I had forgotten about it.
    Can I order copy of that picture framed?

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