Older Homes Fiasco

I went for a bike ride yesterday and I came down this street and the sun was shining on the front of these homes. I liked the light so I rode home and got my gear and headed out here. I set up my tripod on the sidewalk across the street and composed the shot and then went and sat in my truck to use my tablet to operate the camera while the light changed. Now here is where the story takes a crazy turn. I decided in the end I wanted to shoot till it was dark in the hopes of getting some lights on in some of the homes, and because of that I ended up being here for an hour and a half. Just as it was getting dark,three police cars come pulling in where I was parked and I thought you got to be kidding. Turns out some woman who lives nearby thought there was something fishy about a camera set up and a person sitting in a truck. The officer came up to me and could not have been nicer and said hey someone called and we can see your legit but we have to check anyway. Thankfully he was very understanding and to be honest after 30 years of being a photographer I have had occasion where people try to tell me what they think I can and cannot shoot and I usually stand my ground when these situations present themselves and this officer was as respectful as any I have ever encountered and I thanked him for that. People are so paranoid these days,even the most basic things get misconstrued and it ended up another classic story for my archives.

10 responses to “Older Homes Fiasco

  1. Hi! The blue house is ours – next time just come to the door! We’d be happy to turn on (or off) lights for you…and give you a glass of wine! Absolutely beautiful photograph!

    • Hi Nicole, glad you got to see the photo.I actually did a shot years ago in that block and I was told by someone that house was a rental property,so I figured whoever lived there would have no interest in helping me get a neat shot.I might do a rainy reflection shot sometime if i think of it,so I will stop by if i do that. one problem i run into is the street lights come on and there is a terrible red cast they put on everything.thanks for reaching out.

  2. What a frustrating experience. I know the type – self conscious drama queens who flatter themselves to be attractive enough to warrant the unsolicited attraction of perverted peeping toms.

    It reminds me of the paranoid mom who complained about the “stalker” waving and taking lewd photos of her kids at a dept. store. She posted photos of the man on facebook and made him out to be the lowliest creep and herself the righteous crusader, exposing him for the filth he was. When the authorities arrived it turned out the man was completely unaware of what had transpired, and had taken a selfie next to a full-sized Star Wars character board and waved to her kids as they walked by.

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