The Curve

I found this curving road that has nice side light early in the morning but I have not quite come up with the perfect composition yet. I shot this last Sunday and these two buggies were all that came by in two hours time.I found that by putting my tripod on my truck roof,I was able to see the meandering fence better than at ground level. I tried the same spot a week ago and had some really cool buggies go by but I had pre-focused too close and everyone was blurry which really frustrated me.

6 responses to “The Curve

  1. Great shot. The buggies tend to go out at the same time from my experience, on Sundays they seem to go out at first light for some reason. I’m sure you know that but two in a hour is ridiculous. Maybe word got out that you were stalking them again!

    • my experience is 730-830 is best and up till 9. after that,its the ones who overslept.Someone told me they alternate weeks too,so it might have been an off week. i could see that stretch this sunday and there were a lot but i was too lazy to move.

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