4 responses to “Farm Days19

  1. Outstanding! Absolutely outstanding literally. This one shot WILL stand out amongst a thousand shots. You have captured something special here. I bet this is gorgeous in color too. May I ask what kind of equipment this is? What color is it?

  2. This piece of equipment was a common sight every spring going from one tobacco farmer to the another. It’s purpose – to sterilize beds of soil that were then seeded with tobacco seed. The sterilization was accomplished via large pans which were left in one spot for ???? minutes. This was a special occasion, the sight of this equipment, it’s whistle; the smell of the smoke generated by the “soft coal” used to make the equipment functional and then the smell of heated soil.
    Thanks for the memories!

    • Sure, I have seen that very operation in recent years around Intercourse.not very often but i have witnessed it. always seemed like it would take forever to do a field at 15 feet at a time?

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