Seize the Moment

These two photos illustrate why you should shoot something when the time is right. The top photo was taken about five days before the bottom and I knew I had a shot I was happy with,so I fooled around returning for several days only to find all the heads were pointing down. We had some warm weather but I have no idea if that’s what caused the tilt or not. Both were taken from my truck roof.

11 responses to “Seize the Moment

  1. Love the second picture sky! Don’t sunflowers follow the sun from east to west and droop to the east at night for the next day? I thought they did especially when ensunflowers are young.

    • Never heard that. I know these usually looked the same direction every time I went by.the heads are so heavy,it seems hard to believe they would shift but anything is possible I guess.

  2. Actually the second one is quite beautiful and more intriguing because of the bowed heads. Check again when the sun is more fully on them

  3. Oh Donald, I was so hoping you would get to photograph this field! But did you find Waldo? I heard they move him around frequently.

  4. Seize the moment you did! Outstanding and what I like about the photo is it becomes an instant conversation piece with people. It is literally a “thought provoking” photo. This is gorgeous. Gorgeous.

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