Seasons First Snow

This past weekend included a great clinging snow and the timing was perfect. It started snowing Saturday morning and continued into the evening and the reason this is perfect is because often times the cleanup crews wait till it stops to clear sidewalks and this was exactly the case. I was out for five hours Saturday night and then could not sleep because I was thinking what I could get Sunday morning so I woke up at 3am because I could not sleep as my mind mulled over my options. I just talked a friend this week who asked if I was doing anything Christmas related with the local town this year and this was the perfect chance to fill that request.This shot took an hour to do as I started in the dark around 5am and lit all the trees and buildings and then had to wait for some color to appear in the sky. Often times snow like this falls off right away but I had a good 24 hour window to capture some neat scenes.

16 responses to “Seasons First Snow

  1. Mr. Reese!!!! Mr. Reese!!!! Mr. Reese!!! Oh. My. Gawd. THIS is fabulous fabulous fabulous. I am crazy about this. This is like um…okay Reese-Kinkadish. This is a new favorite of mine of yours. It’s so hard to tell you the truth. Many of your photos are so wonderful that just when I think they can’t get any better – they DO!!!! I’m going to have to start categorizing my favorites of yours as: Favorite, Super Favorite, Spectacular Favorite, All Time Favorite. Okay. Right now THIS photo hits the Spectacular Favorite category. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s photo.

    • that shot was light painted. if you look close, you can see buildings had light shined on them,the tree got a blast of flash and I sidelit the snow on the ground to give it detail. its not hard, just takes patience. all tripod mounted of course.

      • Well, Donald, I applaud you! Whilst I understand the process, the only thing here to photograph in the evenings are muddy fields! Your work is inspiring stuff. Best… Rob

      • I love it but I need the following to do it. a tablet, a Camranger, a flash,wireless flash trigger and camera remote. with that setup I can go 50 yards or more from the camera to light the subject. If you ever need more specifics,just ask. Where are you located?

      • I’m in the UK, Donald. From your descriptions I can see how you achieve your images..very imaginative and, thoroughly inspiring stuff! πŸ™

      • For sure, we do, but the UK in no way has those monopolies. History and beauty are everywhere. I look at images taken, whenever I can, from so many other countries and, their landscapes, their cultural differences, political and belief systems that shape societies, for me at least – pale the UK somewhat. Or maybe it’s just because we become so used to our own surroundings that we stop seeing it. Who knows. But I think that has a lot to do with it. If I were to visit the US, India, New Zealand or Africa for example, I would never want to come back home just for the sheer pull of my camera to people, places, culture.

      • You are 100 percent correct. whats old around here is next to new over there. the architecture is incredible. The U.S. does have its share of natural beauty and while India would be a photo delight, everything else would be tough for me. food, bathrooms etc.

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