Cafe Chocolate

This is one shot from my store front series in Lititz, Pa this year. It is Cafe Chocolate and the window was very lovely. The main problem I had here was the Chocolate Santa was rotating constantly and with the lighting technique I use,it presented a challenge. This town is wonderful when it comes to people giving me access to shoot stuff and as I was setting up, I thought the table was rather boring in the front, so I went across the street to the book store and asked if I could borrow a couple of books? They gladly obliged and I think it helped bring it all together.

2 responses to “Cafe Chocolate

  1. Thank you for all the beautiful photos of Lititz and the surrounding area. You did a great job adjusting everything to make my window work look spectacular. We would be glad to stop the turn tables for any photographs if needed just let us know at the Cafe.

    • thanks, the spinning does complicate my shooting technique but I will let you know if I need it paused. Your window looks similar to last years but i was still contemplating doing it,so we will see. I assume you saw the lancaster county magazine feature? the shot with snow on the trees last year is still a favorite.

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