Frigid Morning Adventure

Here in the Northeast we are in the midst of a pretty intense cold snap and shooting has been a little challenging because of that. This was taken this past weekend and as I climbed into my truck in the pre dawn hours, my thermometer read 10 degrees and as I arrived here to set up, it dropped down to 7 degrees. There is a creek to my right so maybe that had an effect as well and there was also a breeze of about 8 mph that really made it extra special if you know what I mean. The road is on a small hill so I pulled as far off as possible and used my truck to block my tripod and camera from getting obliterated by any passing cars. I lit everything in the dark first and placed my candle luminaries to add some interest and then waited for the sky to get some color. I was very worried that my camera batteries were going to be dead until the shot was finished, but amazingly they worked for at least an hour in these brutal conditions. One might think you could just put in fresh batteries but you have to remove the camera from the tripod,then the motor drive from the camera and till you put it back on, you can forget about the image being in registration from when you began shooting. The other tough part was using my tablet to control the camera,which forces me to have my fingers out of the gloves to touch the screen and believe me there was a point I could not feel my hand touching the tablet and it was excruciating. I sat in my truck with fingers sandwiched between hand warmers for ten minutes till the pain subsided, so I decided not to climb Mt Everest this year. There is really just one angle to shoot this scene safely and thankfully not a single car came by this morning. The owners were very gracious here and allowed me to wander around to get another shot or two which I will post over the next two days.