Dawn and Dusk

This pair of images are from the same location as yesterdays shot and the top one was shot at dawn, while the bottom one was taken in the evening. I really hate to shoot duplicate views but I wanted an option with the house looking more alive inside. I can’t decide which I like the best but each has its strong points. I changed the composition slightly in the lower shot to allow more snow between the fence and house because I knew I wanted to shoot some light out the windows to cast shadows on the snow. This proved to be more challenging than I expected because as I started shooting my big flash out the windows, I could barely see any shadows showing up on my tablet as the image gets transferred for review. I knew my flash was kicking out full power and yet it was barely showing on the snow, so after a little analysis, I asked if the windows were tinted and they were so I knew they were absorbing the light. The only option left was to crank the iso up to 5000 which effectively makes the flash more powerful and then I achieved my objective thankfully. This is the only time I can ever remember where I exhausted five Nikon batteries in less than two hours time as well as 8 double AA lithium batteries in a power pack because of the extreme cold. I had foot warmers in my boots and double hand warmers in each glove to make sure I could withstand the temperatures. I remember the circumstances surrounding many of my shots and the intense cold will always be part of this memory, especially since the home was so cozy and warm when they left me in to do the lighting.