The New Ride

Since this photography related I thought I would share a couple of shots of my latest vehicle. I had my last truck for 22 years so it was definitely time to get something newer. Obviously it is a Jeep Wrangler and I love it. Already used the winch to save someone stuck in the snow this winter and taking the roof off is a blast. The reflection shot was done at a car lot I passed and I noticed some of the cars there were reflecting in the puddle after heavy rains passed through, so I went home for my gear and did this photo. The funny thing was I took my muck boots along to stay dry and at first I pulled right in the middle of the small lake and stepped out into water that I thought was maybe 4 inches but it was at least a foot deep! I decided I wanted to see most of my wheels so I moved to the edge and the ripples were captured after I walked through the water. The other shots are at a train station after closing.

10 responses to “The New Ride

  1. Whoohoo!! Love your new set of wheels! My friend S Man just got an Outlander. I liked it as an SUV and taller than sedans. Your Wrangler Jeep is way cool! Love the background your jeep is set against. Enjoy your new ride.

  2. Cool pics of your new Jeep Don! I’ve always wanted one! Congratulations!!! Karl Peifer

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    • actually my blazer was doing stellar till about 5 years ago when they started putting whatever corrosive crap on the roads in winter and it suddenly started rusting everywhere. had 190,000 on it and I got a whopping 200 bucks for trade.

  3. Really nice work on the reflection shot. Love the ripples. I would have chosen a puddle deep enough to reveal only the tops of the tires … but hey, save that for its 20th birthday. Nice job.

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