A Night to Stay Inside


I have a mental list of places I drive by and wonder if I could get a neat shot sometime and this home is one of them. It is always well maintained and the porch details are very nice. The good old days had real craftsmen who took pride in creating something and the scroll work on the porch is an example of that. Of course I picked a bad day to try this shot but I managed to have enough good frames to make it work. I tried out my new ladder setup to do this and it basically uses a long aluminum pole that slides through the top of the ladder and becomes a huge tripod. I do not have all the bugs worked out yet, and making sure the pole does not rotate is on my list. I started shooting and you can see what the clouds started looking like and long before the light was perfect, it started to rain. I held an umbrella over the camera but it still got drops on the lens, so I had to climb the ladder to wipe it off and that guarantees the camera will shift ever so slightly. So at that point I started shooting a new set and realized my tablet had changed the lens opening on its own, which has happened a few times before when it is raining and I have no idea how the wi-fi gets messed with but it is frustrating. So I start my third series with the settings fixed and thankfully it worked. The owner was very helpful with turning on lights which always helps to get my signature look. Oh and yes there was the occasional lightning bolt which is always great when you have a 16 foot aluminum pole and your camera on top. The second photo shows the setup I used to get this shot. I am considering getting a motorized head to put on top so I can move the camera for proper framing up or down and left to right all from the tablet on the ground.

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    • Thanks, I know they don’t but when it randomly changes stuff, thats crazy. My worst time was when it switched to jpg from raw. talk about frustration.

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