Cooler Days

Oh how I wish we had a little of this right now. Today is forecast for 98 degrees and crazy humidity. On the upside, my friend from Vietnam says this is cool weather where he is from. These are Mennonite men clearing snow for the Sunday service.

8 responses to “Cooler Days

      • I went back on meds this morning, sort of grasping at straws but I’m out of options. A lot of times they up the dose too fast and the side effects are a problem, just be aware of that. I’ll know you’re feeling better when I see you posting your amazing photos more regularly. Hang in there.

      • Hope you feel better as well. I upped mine after telling the doc about my two week complete transformation and then going back to miserable. he said my medicine has been known to poop out a bit,so he increased it slightly. I can tell you I have a hard time not falling asleep during the day. I told him I know several people who are great on lithium but he does not think my situation is bi-polar related.

  1. Just looking at this picture makes me feel cooler and I just came in from picking beans in the garden and am sweating! Thank you Lord for air conditioning!

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