Wishes Can Come True

This beautiful wishing well is a new addition to Historic Poole Forge near Churchtown ,Pa.  The wishing well was a concept that executive director Dawn Ekdahl had for quite some time as a way for the many photographers who visit here to donate a little extra change to help keep the place looking great. Doing a project of this caliber takes money and talent and thanks to a generous donation from a local family, it came to fruition. The Ansbach family provided the financial support and dedicated a plaque which reads, In memory of a great lady. Janet Tobias Ansbach. A loyal wife, mother, and a great friend. One crucial part of this was finding a great stone mason and the result speaks of his talent. How someone can fit so many odd-shaped stones into a circle that is so tight and perfect is incredible. A local machinist and steel smith named Mike Malamon created all the inside mechanics to keep the water flowing as well.

6 responses to “Wishes Can Come True

  1. Beautiful ! Haven’t been there in a while, now I got to go check this out–you’ve sent me on many road trips to search for photos you’ve taken. I don’t comment on every pic, but do look forward to them!

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