Tomato Pie Rain Storm

This is a restaurant in the small town of Lititz, Pa called the Tomato Pie Cafe and I actually was shooting a different shot across the street in the rain. I finished the shot I was after and as I turned to head to my truck I noticed the usually busy street was practically bare.I rushed to get set up and the one lone car that was parked to the left of the tree pulled away and I knew everything was coming together. It was pouring the entire time and although my camera had an umbrella protecting it, I was not so lucky as my second umbrella broke as I tried to open it, so I had to run around in the rain using my flash to light the trees which gave nice reflections on the road. I got drenched but it was worth it to get the final result.

12 responses to “Tomato Pie Rain Storm

  1. Great photo with all the lighting. I always liked that corner eatery, very hard to photograph without a lot of clutter.

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