About to Let Loose

This shot pretty much sums up how I feel these days, fairly frequent bombardment of very dark thinking and I rarely have the enthusiasm to go out shooting these days. Wish I could share more images like before but most days I feel like staying to myself. No one really understands this and just thinks your some eccentric nut job because you avoid interaction quite a bit. At least night-time gives me a break while I am sleeping.

31 responses to “About to Let Loose

  1. Donald, even in your darkest hour, your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love how the white fence stands out in contrast to the dark sky overhead, separated by beautiful green farmland. How rare and special. Be assured that you and your photos are loved and appreciated.

  2. I told my shrink last month that the best part of my day is when I’m unconscious in sleep. Things have got considerably better. I have news for you-not only does everyone understand but millions go through the same thing. Some even come out the other side with a better understanding of how we make ourselves miserable.

      • Well I guess not everyone understands. There are drugs that can make you feel better in 45 minutes like Xanax or Ativan but they can to be addictive depending on your personality. Something to consider though rather than staring at the clock all day.

      • I have taken zanax for flying and it gives me a good sleepy effect, but I try not to get involved with it because I fear I would get so reliant on it, that I would be in its grip. one 25 mg relaxes me but I know people who take several a day and get real antsy if they run out.

  3. Please Don, try to get out & about and get more shots like this ! Being selfish here, I been diagnosed w/ cancer and start rad./chemo soon, so your amazing photos will give me something to look forward to each day ! (I hope you are seeing someone and keep trying whatever works for you. You’ve got too much talent to let it go to waste! )

  4. I appreciate your photos very much– I know you spend much time in prep for each one. I appreciate your patience and precision of these photos. Love how the white stands out in contrast to the darkness of the sky. Keep pressing on —

  5. Hang in there. Take it a day at a time (sometimes an hour or minute at a time). Reach out if you need extra support and know that you are not alone. 🙂

  6. Don, i’m very grateful for the beautiful photos you share with us. Thanks for sharing what you are also going through. I like this particular photo because it gives the balance of darkness and light.

  7. Thank you for sharing your great talent of photography. Praying for your recovery from anxiety. I walk everyday, it calms me. I especially enjoy the rail trail and love what you have done by the trail. tyvm . Praying for healing

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