Pigtails,Pumpkins and Perfect fall weather

It certainly is quite evident that my photography has taken a back seat to everything else in my life right now and my posting on here is practically non-existent, but I did capture this pair of Amish sisters helping get their roadside stand ready recently. Something I saw while waiting for this shot to come together reminded me how the Amish sometimes seem to have a different view of danger as it relates to their kids. When I first pulled off the road to decide what I might shoot, the mom, her teenage daughter and these two little ones were all working together trimming pumpkin stems and arranging things. The thing that really caught my eye was the girl with the pig tails was holding a knife with a blade that was almost a foot long? She was not just holding it, but crawling up and over piles of pumpkins with it in her hand and she would slip or trip several times and it was making me nervous just observing, but mom seemed just fine with it?


18 responses to “Pigtails,Pumpkins and Perfect fall weather

  1. Miss your photos, so sorry to hear about your Father. Take you time Don and pull things together and we will all be waiting for your photos every morning. I know what you are going thru, I’ve been there too this year. Take care.

    • Thanks Shirley. You take care as well. stay busy is my best advice. My grandma started with dementia a year after my grandpa died and I always felt his passing was a big part of that. she was perfect till that point. its not easy,thats for sure.

      • I took care of your dad and siblings, I always wondered where they are . I remember Shelby, Tom who I saw passed, so sorry and David. I remember how hard your grama worked , was it Dorothy ??

      • I never really knew my grandma as a hard worker, but she was a devoted quilt maker. Shelby lives near Reamstown, Tom is gone and Dave lives in the house they all grew up in. Dave did not even come to Dads funeral although his name magically appeared in the guest book somehow. Family relations took a nosedive years back when some of us decided we wanted to help grandma clean up her house which could have been on an episode of hoarders, and others kind of derailed our efforts. We filled 10 business size dumpsters and one huge roll off dumpster and still hardly changed anything. A few things that stick out in my mind were she had 190 rolls of toilet paper stashed away, only one chair you could sit on in the living room, and on and on. I wanted her to have a nice clean home in her later years to invite friends over but she hated giving any little thing up. I think living through the depression had an impact on saving everything.

  2. This photo is a winner & brings great delight to all your followers. Sorry for the loss of your dad, take one day at a time as you grieve your loss.

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