Peaceful Cabin Retreat

Most of those who visit my website know I have been battling depression for a while and this year has been particularly hard on me because of numerous things that currently rest on my shoulders and it all feels like a huge anchor dragging me down. I have days where I wonder if the way I feel will become intense enough to where I will just decide I’ve had enough and call it a day?  The mind is a very powerful thing and some days I feel absolutely worthless and think I have not done a single thing that amounts to anything in my life and why bother and then several hours later it seems to relent and I am glad I did not let it get the best of me. For whatever reason a lot of artistic types fight very similar battles to mine and those who have departed strike very close to my heart and I completely understand their decisions. I know I am not alone with these problems and realize many are much worse, so life goes on.

I have no idea why I feel the need to share some of this stuff but this post today reminds me that one of the things that brings me great satisfaction is my photography and being creative but that passion is being overwhelmed by these struggles. The above photo was taken back in July and I now finally found the enthusiasm to share it here so that gives you an idea of where I am at.

The shot was one I saw earlier this particular day when the light was terrible so all I could think about was would the owner let me into the yard to shoot it that evening?  I was completely surprised that the owner was very receptive to letting me take this and offered to turn porch lights on and even dimmed them to the perfect level for me. This log cabin sits right by a creek and is a great place to sit and sip lemonade on hot summer evening or perhaps hot chocolate as we head into fall.


28 responses to “Peaceful Cabin Retreat

  1. You do not know me personally, but I have been encouraged many days by your post. Before my husband died he also enjoyed this site. We have a special needs daughter who has limited abilities in walking so are not able to go and walk wherever. So you have been eyes for us. ( I was one of the carriers of Shopping News for over 20 years so I recognize your face) When I face discouragement, I find comfort in reading the Bible, Praying–just tell tell Jesus how I feel and ask him to help me. And a walk outside in the yard/garden–I usually find some beauty that I thank Him for. When I need to go to the store, etc., I try to keep a smile on my face especially cause I am a representative of Jesus. A n encouraging word to others helps encourage me. So press on, Many are looking to you and appreciate your life. I will pray for you as the Lord brings you to my mind! Please don’t think I have all the answers, I don’t. But I know the ONE who does! Trust HIM! Sincerely, Barbara Z.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have seen the possibilities but this affliction makes it hard. Not sure how much you read here but a while back I mentioned a two week period were my medicine actually transformed me into a new person! I was praying, being thankful, very kind etc etc and then poof it all went away and I have little inclination to do any of the aforementioned things. So I have seen both sides and for both the positive and negative it just was something that came from within so to speak. I can try to be happy all day long but the brain just sends this ominous negativity that overrides things. Not sure where you live or how old your daughter is but you should stop and see My gnome village along the rail trail in Akron sometime.

  2. The fact you shared is a good sign! It would be good to keep a journal because for some writting out your thoughts is a helpful release. May the “burdens” lighten. Sincerely Barbara Z.

  3. My prayers for you today, may you be delivered from the dark place you are in. The gift of photography you have is just awesome . ,Thank you for sharing

  4. Oh Don this is beautiful and so serene. Thank you for sharing not just the photo but also your struggles. You bring such joy to others with your art. I know it brings me joy many times on a dark day. Please know that your not alone and if you ever need to talk I’m near by.

  5. thanks for the beautiful picture. it is truly a beautiful relaxing picture,,Jeff has a log home on the top of the mountain in Reinholds and there is something very peaceful about it too,,just to sit and enjoy the quiet and the trees(which is all you see) and sometimes the deer walking quietly through the mountain,. take care and some days are truly worth the wait,,enjoy your family….R

  6. Good to see you posting again and I especially like the gentle nature of this shot. Nice composition and excellent lighting. And … it’s also good to see you sharing your challenges. It always lightens the load a bit. Feel free to call.

  7. Don,
    I am very proud of you and I know grandpa would be too. If you want I can list all of the things I am proud of you for. When we moved I found among my belongings books that grandpa had and they were all self help books. How he struggled to feel better. How sad it makes me that your medicine doesn’t work better. I consider you a self made man. Love you very much.

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art. While I’m not an artist myself, I do enjoy the art done by others. At the same time I’m aware that artists also deal with depression, as you said. It makes me even more appreciative of the art, realizing that there is often a struggle involved behind the art. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. WOW, absolutely beautiful!! Just know you are appreciated and thank you for sharing your beautiful visions of what seem unexciting to the rest of us. You open our eyes to the beauty around us.

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