A Night for Hot Chocolate

This is the front entrance to Cafe Chocolate in Lititz, Pa. They had some blue lighting mixed in the scene and I added some blue flash to match. The big pumpkin was on a turntable so I had to freeze him with flash. They were closed or I would have gotten a cup.

2 responses to “A Night for Hot Chocolate

  1. I like it as always!! Our daughter is in 8th grade and taking a photography class, so now I show these to her. 🙂 I told her to look at the red sunrise just now so she grabbed her camera and took some pictures. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!! Blessings to you and yours!!

    • You mean there is a teen out there not on their phone 24/7? there is hope. I had no interest in photography till after I was out of school and I had no appreciation of the beauty around us back then. Keep encouraging and practice looking for things that others miss, like sunrises etc.

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