Ripples and Reflections

I drove by this spot and saw there might be potential if I could get down in the water itself. I gingerly crawled down the hill on the right and stepped in wearing only muck boots which are about a foot high and on my 9th or 10th step I was in water that was 12.5 inches deep, so I walked faster, got a little wet and that was that. I slapped a polarizer on the lens which brought out the blue sky and also helped the ripples to show as well. I like the way the ripples kind of fade away were the warm reflection begins.

18 responses to “Ripples and Reflections

  1. The old Green Dragon bridge brings back many good and bad memories…..however you really captured the beauty of it. Thanks for getting wet to shoot it. Keep up the great work!
    Larry Loose

      • That bridge was the main thoroughfare but kept flooding on the north side when we had heavy rains. Ephrata township did not want to ruin the beautiful design of the bridge so they built a new one with higher ramps which is now Garden Spot Road. The old bridge intersection caused many traffic tie ups and accidents. Good move to close it off but keep it for posterity.

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