Beauty of the Night

This is another image I captured during last weeks storm and till I was done shooting at 11pm, my feet were numb and my fingers not much better. The reason for freezing was not because of bitter cold but the fact that I had no real intention of shooting anything, so when I headed out to get a photo for a local church activity, I had on two light sweatshirts and my choice of shoe that night was none other than a loafer. Well after finishing up my photo shoot and heading toward home, I started seeing great shots here and there and was basically too lazy to drive several miles to get warmer clothes. My jeep has an awesome heater and that helped between locations but the above image was one of several I took here and I was basically standing in about 5 inches of snow for close to an hour, in loafers no less. The cool result is thanks to pure white LED’S in a parking lot on the left and clouds blowing by rather quickly during a couple second exposure.

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