In the Nick of Time

I found this snow covered scene just in the nick of time because about 10-15 minutes after I shot this I noticed the sun starting to get covered by fast moving clouds yet it was totally calm around this gazebo. It was shortly thereafter the wind came whipping through here and blew two thirds of the snow off everything and that was all she wrote for photos. I can’t complain because the snow did hang on for a good 12 hours, which I thoroughly enjoyed shooting. This scene is located atop a high spot near here that affords a great view of the surrounding countryside in all directions.

14 responses to “In the Nick of Time

  1. Oh I LOVE it!! I’m so glad you got this one captured! The color of the sky in the midst of all that snowy beauty is just breathtaking!

  2. The gazebo snow shot, the night shot of the big tree covered with snow – these are all so wonderful to look at. You bring a lot of people a lot of pleasure with your photographs!
    Thank you.

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