Fire and Ice festival

This is the only shot I did this year during the Fire and Ice festival held in Lititz, Pa.  My enthusiasm to go out shooting has been very subdued the last six months due to my medicine but on the upside the negative thoughts I was being bombarded with on a daily basis have become pretty quiet and I have been more social in general. So while I still do enjoy shooting, my creativity seems to get dialed down as well and while I wish I could post photos more often here, It can be a struggle to get motivated to go out, so my apologies for the infrequent shooting right now.

15 responses to “Fire and Ice festival

  1. The sky adds a perfect balance of light I think.
    And yes your health is more important and glad you have some relief.
    Technology truely is ruining us, especially young people! So sad and real!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. This is a magnificent photo shot! Please take care and get well first. This is pivotal. With health and mobility you will then be better able to take more photos to share with us. Blessings for a full recovery and all the best! Garfield Hugs!

  3. Donald, I am sorry to hear that your enthusiasm is not up to par right now; however, remember that your creativity is always superb. I know how difficult it may be to see the light, but it’s there. Very best regards, Harriet

    • thanks, its hard to explain but before the medicine, I was almost driven to be creative, after the medicine I feel like I could take it or leave it and unless its something that is really pretty, I don’t find the enthusiasm.

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