Spring at the Cottage

Hello again from Lancaster county, Pa.  I have been battling depression for a while again and my desire to do much of anything enjoyable is practically zero.  This image is the first in a long time that I was actually glad I made the effort to go shoot. I envisioned shooting this in the rain to get the colors reflected on the wet street but at first there was barely a trace showing up. So I decided to start lighting things with my flash and after my first shot, I knew I was going to create something nice. You have to get the angles just right to get the colors reflecting on the wet street from the flash but what a difference after doing that. It was raining the whole time so I had an umbrella over my tripod/camera and another trying to keep the flash dry.







40 responses to “Spring at the Cottage

  1. It was definitely worth getting out there, Donald. Depression sucks. The best way to beat it is to do just what you did…get out and make things happen. You are an excellent photographer so it shouldn’t be your creativity getting you down. Anyway, it was nice to see an image from you again. I had a prolonged depression bout and it was photography and Nature that sent it packing.

  2. Donald, I had just commented to my wife about how gray and dreary this day is, and you brightened it up with your beautiful photo!

    Thank you! Thank you! I don’t think you realize how much joy you bring to all of our lives. We can’t thank you enough!

    May God bless you! We love you.

    Carl Garber, Lititz

    PS: I have family living in Canada and I have sent many of your photos to them to enjoy the beauty that you capture in your photography! So you are known and appreciated Internationally!


  3. Believe it….you are so talented.
    I thoroughly enjoy your artistic eye for angle and lighting!!
    Thanks for this beautiful shot of Spring color. I’m so tired of rain but glad it makes a really good photo. 😉
    Hope you can feel some hope and color!! Take care.

  4. Thanks again Don for this beautiful photo of my home. I was reading and thought there was a flash of lightening and then realized you were out front. It is a great shot taken on a really nasty night. Take care of yourself and glad you were out, these are very troubling times for all of us.

  5. Mr Reese,
    Your work is absolutely incredible!! You’re an artist for sure!
    Thank you for getting out the door, and shooting this lovely photo for us to enjoy..
    You know, you are not alone in the way you’re feeling…. I can only speak for myself, but I haven’t been this “blue” for a long time..

    • thank you Dee. I was doing okay with negative thoughts, then this whole virus thing came along and to complicate things my boss refuses to let me stay at home, despite being in the high risk category. I actually had to use two weeks of my vacation just to try to stay safe while 95% of the rest of the world can stay safe at home. Every day I go in, my stress climbs as the day goes by. I hope you start feeling better soon too!

      • I hoping to see many more photos as spring/summer comes along… I’d love you to take one of our home sometime in Bowmansville (so I could purchase it😂)

      • I have a couple, thats it. There was a time I couldn’t wait to make an annual pilgrimage to Longwood for spring blooms, but right now it feels like, whatever. Whats the address in bowmansville? send it to my personal email, not here.

  6. Beautiful view! I hope you’re able to capture more spring shots like this. It’s amazing that I know what flowers will bloom year after year but it’s still exciting to watch the transformation from winter to spring. Such is true of our lives as well: When we experience winter, we may be encouraged that spring–life and hopefulness– is just around the corner.

  7. Thank you Don for this lovely picture of my home and it was a nasty rainy night. Glad you are out and about again keep pushing yourself. Take care.

  8. This is so beautiful! Alot of your photos are of things I wish I could capture myself, of the beauty that God gives us every day. I appreciate your talent and your sharing of it with us. Thank you! I pray for you that you can beat this depression, my heart goes out to you that you battle this.

    • Thanks Margie, I feel like Jekyll and hyde. I can see the beauty, but I feel miserable a lot of the time which leaves me no desire to capture it. Medicine is a double edge sword, helps to curb the real negative thoughts but absolutely destroys my creativity, so its a hard choice to stay on or go off.

  9. Spectacular !! Thanks Don,for your labor of love in capturing this photo (in the rain) & giving us hope & victory over this discouraging COVID 19 season.

  10. Hello Donald, I was thrilled to see a picture of yours again.

    I must admit that I was very concerned about you, and I am hoping that you are feeling better.

    When I look at your pictures, they always make be feel better. Your ability with your camera shows that the world is such a beautiful place. This is what we must concentrate on and forget the awful news we get subjected to on a daily basis.

    Thank you so much for making my day brighter – hope yours is as well.

    Harriet Faren

    • Thanks, hate to say it, but I was right up to the edge last week and thats all the detail I will go into. I tend to feel like its all or nothing, so when I feel like I have accomplished nothing worthwhile in life, my brain says be done with it already. its a scary thing.

      • Please don’t ever go through with taking your own life Donald.
        The scariest thing about that thought is truly not knowing the eternal consequence to that. What if you end up in hell, and it is nothing but greater, deeper, more intense misery than you have now, and that will never end?? I can’t bear that thought for you.
        Please keep seeing it through Donald. I know it feels like its lasting forever now, but it won’t. I’m so sorry because I know how powerful our feelings are and how miserable we can feel. But I know you know, that our feelings do lie to us!!
        Have you ever tried EMDR? That has helped me a lot.

  11. Dear Mr. Reese,

    I want to tell you this is a beautiful picture, and it is great you shared it with us thru your blog, I battle everyday with depression as well, and I want to let you know you are not alone, if you ever feel you need with someone to talk to, feel welcome to send a message, but for most of all I would like to let you know we need more of your beautiful work here, and hope this would encourage you to fight and develop a strategy against your depression

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