Star of the Show

The owners of this property were kind enough to let me try and capture this spring scene,  complete with a magnificent pink flowering tree at center stage and a lovely old inn in the background. The current owners have taken what was once a neglected property and transformed it into a real gem that now stands as an example of what can be done when the effort is put forth.

12 responses to “Star of the Show

  1. Perfection! Again! Thanks for sharing!
    Wish I could silence the lies in your head….you are a masterpiece and you are good enough….hope someday you can believe that. 😉
    Depression is a living hell, and so sorry you struggle. Look for the sparkle…concrete sidewalk even sparkles if you look. 😉
    I wish words would help….praying for you.

  2. Again great photo! Is the inn at Boxwood in Akron? We are enjoying the spring photos here in Florida. Your photos make me “homesick”!😥

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