9 responses to “Enjoying the Simple Life

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your phenomenal photos of our local area. Wishing you and your family well during these strange times!

    • thanks Barbara, My medicine has killed my desire to go out shooting, but I did find the old excitement was still there when I found this scene. Not sure what I will do now that I can’t get my Aunt Jemima syrup anymore. strange days indeed!

  2. Another happy photo! The hat itself makes me smile! THANKS!

    I agree about the syrup etc…..
    I think of this song often “Stop the World ” by Randy Stonehill

  3. Stop the World could be a depressing song…sorry about that.
    It might be 35 years old?…he had no idea back then, right?!

    Wishing you well, as always!

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