My New Years Eve!

Since I lead a fairly mundane existence, I decided to head out and do a shot on New Years Eve. Traffic was fairly light but when you are doing exposures ranging from 2 to 8 seconds, that is plenty of time for cars to ruin many shots. This is the emptiest I think I have ever seen the main street and not a single car parked anywhere. I went to bed at 11pm, only to be woken at midnight by a barrage of gunfire that lasted till almost 12:30? It was so ridiculous that I moved my vehicle into the garage because all those projectiles are coming down somewhere!

13 responses to “My New Years Eve!

  1. Thank you for sharing this peaceful and lovely image of one of my favorite towns.

    Have you considered posting your work directly on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

  2. Don,
    everyone’s life is pretty mundane during a pandemic!
    LOVE this shot – can i purchase print?
    we live pretty close to each other – fireworks were keeping us awake ;- |

  3. You bring joy to so many through your photography – that’s not very mundane.

    Happy New Year from one of your greatest fans.


  4. Beautiful…mundane life? You live a fun life of going when you like to take such pretty images. You give us a colorful life and I thank you for it. Your mundane life, lights up mine as seeing all your photos lifts my spirits and forget illnesses.

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