The Lone Traveler

This image was taken during the areas only real snowstorm so far this Winter. It was one of those days where you are at work, the storm is already making travel dangerous and it is expected to dump 12-18 inches. You start to notice fewer and fewer cars driving by outside and thoughts of will I make it home begin to creep in. Finally the boss calls it and everyone prays they get home safely. I consider myself fairly well prepared if I get stuck and despite being worried about the ones that have no clue in the snow, I made my way home just fine. Then after sitting at home 5 minutes, I decided this might be one of those nights I might have the whole area to myself to photograph and so I loaded up and off I went.

It is hard to tell from this shot but the road to the right is actually a decently steep hill that can test your skill in weather like this. I parked on the opposite side and no sooner got out when this little tuner type car with tires as smooth as a bowling ball started up the hill. As soon as the incline started he was sitting still and he thought the faster he spins his tires, the better off he was?  He tried numerous times and he was making me nervous how he was fish tailing near my vehicle. To my amazement, he persisted with the pedal to the floor technique and inch by inch he conquered that hill!  Who knows what else he did to that car mechanically speaking that night.

This picture looks nice and calm but it was hard driving sleet straight into the camera while I shot this using an umbrella as a pitiful means of defense . I love nights like this when it seems the whole world is happily hiding inside while I am out taking in all the beauty of the storm!

11 responses to “The Lone Traveler

  1. I LOVE snow!!
    I love the story because two people can look at the same picture and have completely different thoughts and feelings. I see calm and quiet peace. You probably can’t look at this without thinking of that crazy driver. That’s the magic of art!! = )
    Be careful out there…people have gone crazy…..nobody has to tell you.

    • Thank you, having 4 seasons is nice but it looks like you get to experience quite a variety of places and weather. I wish I had the ability to travel so freely as you seem to do.

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