Last Shot of the Day

The sun sinks low on the horizon offering one last touch of warm light amidst the cold blue landscape. I remember this evening well because it was out in farm country and a few farms occupied most of the area. As soon as I pulled to the side of the road near a farm lane, here comes a big tractor out the lane, so I moved my truck to be along the road in a ditch basically and sure enough the tractor turns around. So I think to myself that was bizarre and I begin to set up my tripod. There is a house just to the left of this shot and as I am snapping photos, I hear a gunshot, a slight pause then another, and finally after three shots it stopped. I have no idea if this was an attempt to intimidate me to leave or just another idiot shooting at something that moved? How about that catchy title folks?


24 responses to “Last Shot of the Day

  1. Yes I agree with other’s comments and this is just what we need, some beauty and calm. I love this shot and your stories.

  2. It certainly is a catchy title!!!

    Your photograph “catches” my heart strings. What a beautiful scene.

  3. Love this shot. Almost makes me chilly seeing it. Thanks for all the “torture” you go through to get these photos and share with us and may God bless you for this service. Barb Z.

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