Super Moon Spectacle

I found this field of mustard the other weekend and the first shots I did were looking the opposite direction during daytime. I knew a Supermoon was coming in the next few days so I used an app called the photographers ephemeris that shows you any location you enter and where Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset will happen within that location. I entered the address here and it showed the moon rising right behind the barns. I was eager to arrive and get my shot composed before the moon began to appear. Now even though you have a good idea where it will appear, I find it hard to get an exact pinpoint location on site instead of looking at the app. I started out much farther to the left and kept waiting and waiting and finally walked along the fence to see if it was possibly rising behind the barn and sure enough, that was the case. One very important factor in getting these shots is the balance between when the sun is setting and the moon is rising. On this evening the moon was rising about 15 minutes before the sun was setting and this helps greatly by allowing the ambient light to be extremely close to the bright moon. By doing this exact shot the next day, you would be looking at the moon rising under pitch black skies a couple hours later. The other thing I see are gigantic moons in scenes that are obviously not where the moon was. The only way to make the moon look very large in relation to the subject naturally is to find a subject at a great distance from the camera and by using a strong telephoto you can compress things and make the moon look huge in the background.


19 responses to “Super Moon Spectacle

  1. Thank you very much for explaining your process and bringing photographer’s ephemeris to my attention.

    • Glad to help, I do not have the app on my phone but if I did it would be easier to be more precise on the exact location of things coming up or going down.

  2. This is incredibly done!! We’ve admired that yellow weed but didn’t know what it is. We love old buildings and this shot has so many great things in one!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing another BLUE RIBBON WINNER! Congratulations!!

  3. What a gorgeous photo! The fence, the yellow flowers, the white barn, red roof, blue sky and moon – all together are so wonderful! I love it!
    Thank you.

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