Welcome Home!

Sorry to post a winter image this far into spring but I just remembered I had been waiting to post this and just plain forgot. I had photographed the previous home of the family who now resides here and they reached out to ask if I would consider capturing their new home? I said sure and when they told me the address I instantly got excited because I knew I had been here with a fellow photographer who was hired to capture the beauty of the architecture and gardens. He said I could come along and do some shooting if I was interested. Well that was over 20 years ago and the place is so gorgeous it left a lasting impression on me. The new owners have already begun addressing issues that needed attention and the home is in good hands now. I was quite happy with the way I infused light into certain areas to make a very pleasing image that says welcome home, come on in and warm yourself by the fireplace.

17 responses to “Welcome Home!

  1. Wow, your image sure does “say” that!!
    It looks just like a home right out of a storybook!!
    I want to go inside and sit by that fire!!
    Excellent photo!!!

  2. I never tire of snow. 🙂
    I like the way the green stands out and this is very warm and inviting!! Well done!

  3. My ” dream” home….that I know is just that lol! What a beautiful place, and your lighting is so perfect. Your photo makes it easy to envision sitting by the fire with a good book while snow is gently falling just outside.

  4. Lovely shot and home. Did you see the selling price? Around here that would be in the 1.5-2.5 million range.

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