Bridge to Frozenville


bridge-snowstormWe have been bouncing back and forth between temperatures than can reach 40 one day and then plummet to single digits the next,and while I like a good hard winter,it has been a little painful going out shooting lately. On this day I left the house at five in the morning and the temp was a whopping 1 degree,but as the morning progressed and winds picked up, the wind chill went to minus 18,and there were several times I could not feel my fingers as I controlled the camera from my tablet.I wore gloves with hand warmers,but changing camera settings is a bit tough with thick gloves,so they came off at times and that proved very painful and I could see my finger touch the tablet screen but could not feel it.Being near water did not particularly help keep me warm either but memories like that get etched in your brain for posterity and every time I look at this image,I will be transported back in time to feel all the cold again.


14 responses to “Bridge to Frozenville

    • Hi Victor,yes I am using a camranger and a tablet.It is quite possibly the single best purchase I have made in years.Relatively cheap and enables you to do stuff never possible before. Just this morning I was shooting with it about a hundred yards away from camera,while I lit stuff with my flashlight.two months ago i would have had to walk to the camera and check every couple shots what it looked like.If you dont have one,get one.

      • Sure,i got mine from b&h for $299 and a 10 inch asus tablet was $249,so for $550,it expanded my capabilities greatly.Make sure it is compatible with your camera if you seriously consider one.The one thing i cant do is shoot bulb on my camera with it,but other cameras can. no idea why but their website stated that,so it was no surprise.i can still do a lot with 30 second exposures,which is the max on my camera,unless i use the wireless remote,then i can do whatever time i need.

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