A Night in Paris


This image of the Bulls Head Tavern in Lititz ,Pa reminds me of paintings I have seen of Paris that show street scenes bathed in luscious light reflecting the warmth within on the rain-soaked streets. Painterly is the word that comes to mind and the contrast was pretty extreme so it’s a minor miracle I got something decent. Would have been better when the daylight was fading but thankfully it was still pouring and the reflections were great,even though I had to stay under my umbrella to shoot it. The bonus element in the scene that I like is the original 1963 london cab which one of the owners parks out front on many nights.


4 responses to “A Night in Paris

  1. Hi!

    Everything on your site is so beautiful! We just moved to Lititz a year ago and absolutely love it here! Is there a place where I can buy one of your photos? I love the one of the Bulls Head!


    • Thanks a lot. you can email with a size your thinking and I can figure something up.you should visit akron sometime and see my gnome village along the rail trail. it rivals lititz in its ability to dazzle.

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