Wishing for Snow


I captured this winter image a few weeks ago in the only snow storm we have had this year so far. The weather men predicted a colder and snowier season but so far this has been a major let down. I am tired of rain and hope we get about a foot or two of snow at once so I can get out and enjoy the scenery again.


6 responses to “Wishing for Snow

  1. A foot or two?? You have got to be kidding! Besides, you have taught me the beauty to be found in rainy scenes…( have enjoyed your Christmas scenes)

  2. OK lets not get crazy here. I’ll go out in 20 degree weather at dawn to take photos of snow just like you, but will gladly suffer sunny warm days like Saturday if necessary.

    By the way, I for one would be interested in the EXIF data at the end of your posts. Just the basic aperture, ISO and shutter speed. I think I read in an older post that you shoot with a David Hasselhoff H5D KITT (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Thanks for the inspiration and all the amazing images that you’re nice enough to share. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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