From Sunrise to Sunset

manheim-icy-farm-reflection2 manheim-icy-farm-reflection

This is one of those scenes that makes me want to go back over and over again because of the unique situation and the possibilities it presents. I started the day many miles away trying for a sunrise shot and when that fizzled out,I just started driving and looking and this scene caught my eye as I drove by. The sun was just starting to illuminate the farm in the bottom photo at sunrise and the ice was reflecting the color nicely. We recently had heavy rain and snow melt which filled this farm field that is usually dry. After thinking about the image all day I decided  to return for a go at sunset.

The top image was captured at sunset as I stood in freezing water in my hip waders for almost 30-45 minutes. My friend was along and he bailed after 15 minutes but I knew what I wanted and that required waiting.The reason I had to wait is because I love when buildings are lit inside and have the lived in feel,and the lights from the windows would not start to record till it was pretty dark. I learned on this shoot that even if your eye can’t detect there are lights on,your camera can,and as I was shooting this the two brightest windows were clearly lit but as I stood in the water I kept thinking I wish they would turn more room lights on. well as my exposures started to get into the 30 to 60 second range,I started seeing there were actually lights on in other rooms but it took the long exposures to pick them up. As I finished in the dark and had to walk through the foot deep water, I kept thinking I hope there are not any huge holes I can’t see that are more like three feet deep.

Each image has its own unique qualities from the frozen reflection to the melted one later in the day,and although I really like both images, I would pick the sunset one with the lights on as my favorite. The sky light up to the left of the top image as sunset was unfolding and the color this night was unbelievable but it was way out of my frame and I was already committed to this image,so I just stood there in awe of the display.

8 responses to “From Sunrise to Sunset

  1. These are beautiful as are all your photos. I was just wondering if you’ve ever considered posting images larger than 600 x 400? I guess you’re worried about copyright infringement, but even 900 x 600 would allow your viewers to really appreciate the tremendous effort you go to. And I have a feeling these are probably tack sharp with very little noise.

    Thanks and please don’t take this feedback the wrong way.

    • I think word press wants them that size,but yes I do watch for people stealing stuff. Just the other month someone on here emailed me about a cemetery image they saw in a national contest.they image searched it because the caption did not make sense and lo and behold it was my image.The woman-thief was a finalist in this national competition.It blows your mind when you see your photo with someone elses name below it.I have todays photo on 35photo, which is a russian based site with awesome photography from around the world and it is slightly larger there. if you do visit,look at the top for new photos and scroll down or search my name on the site.

  2. Na Zdorovie!

    I didn’t see it and a search of Don Reese came up with nothing found. Great site though, and it really does make a difference filling the screen.

    You could link your images to the larger ones there and add a caption saying Click On Image To See Larger, or link to a larger image uploaded to WordPress.

    I have a WordPress blog and the format I chose works best with images of 400 px wide (not a photography blog). If I link to it I upload a larger image separately with a different name. There are other formats but it may affect the way your older images are displayed.

    If this all seems like too much trouble it probably is, and many people probably won’t care. I just know the challenge and satisfaction of getting all 20 million (or more) pixels properly focused, exposed, and processed.

    Vsevo nailučševo.

  3. Mandarin Ducks on a Russian site, is that even legal? Thanks and the Airbender as you call it haunts me every time I pass in Adamstown.

    I hope you have a great summer and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. I’m going to try to leave the camera and tripod home and stick to riding my motorcycle starting now.


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