The Path Home


Photography can be a very satisfying endeavor when you express your creativity and bring a subject to life such as this image.This was the last real snowstorm for this winter and I always liked this home for its unique charm so when I saw the faint form of the snow-covered steps as I drove by,it set the wheels in motion to ask if I could try a shot. The owner gladly obliged and I set off to light the scene as I envisioned it. This shot ranks right up there among my favorites for this winters shooting and compositionally everything works in harmony. There always seems to be a twist to my endeavors and after I knew I had captured the un-tracked snow,I headed up into the yard to begin lighting the house,when all of a sudden I hear a guy say in a rather gruff manner-who are you?, to which I shot back who are you?  He says it’s not my property and wants to know what am I doing in the yard?  I tell him I have permission and then his demeanor becomes a little more amenable. He tells me he is just looking out for his neighbors,which is understandable.

6 responses to “The Path Home

  1. Beautiful shot! Nice to know neighbors still watch out for each other.. Does your wife ever worry about your safe return from a photo shoot? You’ve had some doozies lately!!

    • She knows what to expect. I very rarely call even when the weather is terrible.Sometime I will tell you about nearly getting washed out at Acadia national park,or the time i jumped in the stream to get my camera bag as it washed away near the top of Pennsylvanias highest waterfall. I was about 10 feet from the edge when I grabbed the bag.

  2. Sweet! I think you might be getting the hang of this whole photography thing. By the way, the geese are geesing at Middle Creek if you’re into that. The gates are open now, and the majority have been in a field a bit before the church coming from 272 & 897. Lake is beginning to melt.

    • Thanks,i try. I did do the geese thing monday but i have rarely gotten shots that i like. birds in flight is a special genre and no matter what i do from fast shutter speeds etc,i always wish for more. i did get some good ones though

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