Amazing Lititz


The small town of Lititz,Pa was named the coolest small town in America last year and this photo is just another example of why the town and the residents are so special. I was in town doing a photo of a home I saw and all the while I was doing this I kept seeing people walking up the sidewalk that looked like they stepped out of the fifties, but I figured a Halloween party must be happening.Finally a couple stopped and asked why I was doing my photo and why I wasnt up the street shooting? After hearing what was going on,I packed up and bolted up there. This location used to be a church that was abandoned and finally purchased by one of the influential members of the community who had it lovingly restored. The movie theatre marquee was only put up for this special fundraiser on saturday and proves the dedication the folks of this town have to make their community special. It was a challenge shooting this after dark because the marquee was bright and any long exposure blew out the areas around the sign and caused problems seeing the colorful illumination coming out through the ornateĀ glass window. I lit all the dark areas with flash including the old Chevy parked out front. I did get invited in but had equipment problems so I only took one shot inside. My camera was out in the cold for two hours and as soon as I went inside everything fogged up for the next twenty minutes. Guests got all decked out in the coolest fifties attire making it a great evening for all.