Turned in Her Broom


This rural property is an absolute gem and it is meticulously decorated with great attention to detail and that is what caught my eye and made me stop to talk to the owners. I was greeted by a very friendly and enthusiastic couple who quickly agreed to let me shoot their amazing property.This shot is not the main shot I took,but I am pleased with the results on this witch who is delivering pumpkins on her bicycle.For those that follow my endeavors on a regular basis, you may remember seeing our home with a silhouetted witch as part of our fall decor, and this property is where I got the inspiration for that idea almost two years ago. The owners accommodated my every request, including asking them to turn the lights on in the rustic structures,which really adds life to the shot in my opinion. The owners have done an outstanding job bringing this property back from years of neglect from a previous owner and cool decorating ideas lie around every corner. I assume the witch handed in her broom for this more down to earth mode of transportation.