The Road to the Top

dolly-sods-autumn9 There are two roads that lead to the top of Dolly Sods and although they are both a little tight for vehicles trying to get past each other,we still had no problem navigating to the top.This view was basically what we saw as we headed up the steep climb to the ridge and I found this section particularly pretty,so we shot a few frames. One funny story to this day was after we made it to the top and did our shooting for the day, the sun had set and we were driving back to the cabin on this same road. The road is pretty straight but there are a couple of places that turn off onto another road and a few parking areas,and all of a sudden we see car lights and a guy waving us down. Somehow he had tried to turn around at one of these points and got his rental car teetering at the edge of the dirt road.He begs us to pull him out but we had no way to do it,so he asks if we can push? The car was facing up a pretty steep incline and as my friend and I step up to the back bumper with this guy, I look at the driver’s seat and ask who is going to drive? This guy looks at us like a blank slate and it suddenly hits him that we need a driver. I took the wheel and my buddy and this dude push and amazingly the car breaks free. We got back in our car and looked at each other laughing and wondering what this guy was thinking with no driver? He could not have been more appreciative and we saw him the next day and he thanked us again, but then if you would have been stuck in a ditch in this remote place at night,you would be real thankful for help too. We also saw an albino deer that ran right in front of us,and that’s not something you see every day.