Five Dollars a Pitcher Please

amish-wagon-fun2 amish-wagon-fun3

No I am not that stupid to spell the word picture incorrectly above, but the interaction I had with this crew is worth mentioning. I saw this foursome heading up the road ahead of me and so I patiently waited with the camera in my lap and using a long lens I snapped this shot before they got too far. As I put the camera down on the seat,  I heard the one say something to me, but it was with a very heavy accent,so I asked what did you say? The oldest one says 5 dollars a picture,but it sounded more like 5 dollars a pitcher. Anyway I said my wallet was empty,which it was and as I pulled away,they all started laughing, and they must have thought, stupid tourist. Anyway its just another memorable moment from my travels.

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