Wimpy and Dees


This is a shot I took yesterday but it’s not exactly what I would like to get at this old-fashioned diner. I heard they had really good food, so the family loaded up to head there and I took my camera just in case. Well exactly a half mile from the place I get one of my wonderful migraines, so my crew went in without me while I let my medicine kick in outside. It was raining lightly and my vision returned to normal so I decided to shoot a quick shot. I took this shot and then took all my gear back to the truck and went in to eat. We were inside a good twenty-five minutes and when we came out, I noticed I left my rear tailgate window wide open with all my gear sitting in there. My heart just dropped and I quickly looked inside and everything was still there. The thing with migraines is they can have a variety of effects on you and sometimes I feel like I am not in a normal state of mind and this was the case in leaving the tailgate open. Thank goodness there was no shady characters here that night. Well the food was delicious and I plan to return often and hopefully the owner will have his old police car parked here so I can give it a serious attempt next time.


8 responses to “Wimpy and Dees

  1. Great storm clouds too. Never had migraine, but hear they are horrible- thanks for persevering to get this shot! We also discovered Wimpys this past year–luv it there! Back to the good ol days! Heard, every Sat. morn, they take time at 9 AM to Pledge Allegiance to flag, want to see that sometime!

  2. Thank you, Don! Gary and I went there last fall before we headed south. The décor is really cute and the food is good….we were sorry we hadn’t visited there before. Sorry about your migraine…….wish you could find something that would help just before they become full blown.
    Pat & Gary

  3. Sorry to hear about your migraines my friend…hope the meds work wonders for you. I love the old diner and the food isn’t bad either…but I love how the old sheriff’s car plays off the old diner…hope you feel better my friend…Take care and God bless


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