Beautiful Trip

I was out yesterday early to see if I could find any snow scenes and as I was heading home,I came around a bend and saw this. At first I was just after the sunrise and the curve in the road but after a while I started thinking it would be great to have a buggy go by. Well I waited about 15 minutes in the 18 degree weather and then started to have an internal conversation with myself and that’s where it got interesting. First I told myself this road is barely used by anybody,much less Amish and I actually said to myself you have about a one in one thousand chance of seeing a buggy. Literally within 30 seconds of thinking that, I hear the clip clop of a buggy in the distance and it was getting closer and closer and then it faded and I thought that figures. So after the let down I decided to give myself a time limit till I left so I picked 810 as my shut it down time,which offered a 15 minute window. As I watched the minutes tick off, it got to 809 on my tablet and as hard as this is to believe,I started a ten second countdown and as soon as I started, I heard a buggy coming from behind me and knew it had to come by me and it was utterly amazing how it unfolded. The other funny thing that happened here was three horses  were in the small field by the shed in the middle and they were running and kicking wildly as they frolicked in the snow, and then the owner came out to get them in. He walked past them to the shed, waved his arms and they headed toward the barn, until he went to close the gate and here they come back across the field with more kicking and jumping. He walked from one end to the other four times as they eluded his attempts because they were having fun in the snow.

12 responses to “Beautiful Trip

  1. This is an awesome experience! I have a question to submit. When you look back at any one of your photo’s from years past, can you recall the memory of the photo-shoot behind them? I bet your kicking yourself not getting those frolicking horses. Perhaps if the owner did not summon them back you would have seized the opportunity. Your watching the sun rise must have been a resplendent experience looking at these superb colors.

    • yes,many times I can remember the cold,the sounds etc etc. some things leave more of an impression,like the time I almost was a goner at Acadia because i got stuck in a cove by the tide that I did not watch.used my tripod to climb up a 10 foot wall as the surf was crashing closer by the minute.

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